Lookin’ for the good stuff!

A little poem for y’all this morning…

“You gotta look for the good in the bad,

the happy in your sad,

the gain in your pain,

and what makes you grateful not hateful”

by Karen Salmansohn 😀


Keep your eyes open for the good stuff today… There’s hidden gold in every situation!

Speaking of hidden goodness, yesterday I was walking along and spotted a gold coin hiding in the rocks and dirt.

When I bent down to pick it up, I noticed a few pennies too. Then I saw a few more coins next to that, and then even more coins…

I ended up with $2.14, and 1 Israeli new shekel coin! 🙂

Feeling lucky, maybe I’ll buy a lottery ticket with the money and see what happens? 🤷‍♂️

Have a great day,