Negative –> Positive

I’ll be honest guys… It’s taking me a while to get into a positive mindset this morning.

I made the mistake of staying up late last night, reading the news on my cell phone for hours, filling my mind with horrible stories and scary images. There is a lot of unrest in the country, and I let it all get to me.

So this morning, I need to undo all that. Reverse my negative thinking. Whether it takes 5 minutes, or 5 hours, I MUST keep striving to be positive.

Reminders for days like this:

– How can I help others out there if I’m not standing on a platform of peace/love/happiness myself? The quicker I get to my happy place, the faster others will benefit.

– How can I make good decisions today if I’m blinded with negativity? Get to a positive mindset ASAP… the outcome of my life depends on it!

– I’m either part of the problem, or I’m part of the solution. I can’t solve anything if I don’t have a clear and positive outcome in mind.

– The quickest route to happiness is via gratitude. What is there to be thankful for?

Stay safe out there! Stay positive!
– Joel