Neighborhood rock drama

Painted rocks

Do you guys remember the rocks I painted a few weeks back?

Well, the kids next door helped me sprinkle them around the neighborhood. We placed rocks in front of people’s driveways, under trees, and along the footpath.

It was supposed to spread joy. It was supposed to cheer people up!


The opposite happened. It created some neighborhood drama. I heard a few different complaints…

”Why did Gary’s house get 3 rocks and I only got 2 rocks in front of mine?”

”Hey, I see rocks on Mike’s side of the street but none on my side!”

”I think someone stole my rocks! They were here yesterday but went missing this morning!”

”I wanted one with flowers painted on it, but all I got was the moon one.”


Dang, people! In my volunteering group they always tell me, “no good deed goes unpunished”. But I don’t really believe that’s true…

I think the real lesson here is that some people, no matter what the situation is, will always find a way to complain.

Don’t be one of them! Be happy with the rocks you got 🙂

Happy Sunday,
– Joel