A Lesson From Palm Trees…🌴


🌴 A Lesson From Palm Trees… 🌴

There are 2 gorgeous palm trees standing either side of my house. They’re about 60 feet tall and are really beautiful. I love them.

But sometimes, they do this…

Palm fronds

A big wind storm comes and blows off all the dead palm fronds. It creates a huge mess all over our street!

Tidy up palm fronds

I used to get mad about this. (I’m the one who has to pick up the mess and apologize to all the neighbors!) I used to let it ruin my day. I used to get frustrated.

But then one day, after a huge storm, things changed. Instead of looking down at the mess, I looked up at the sky… I saw the palm trees in a whole new light. They looked happy and free after shedding all their dead weight.

I realized the reason they stay beautiful all year round is because they constantly rid themselves of the bad stuff that’s weighing them down.

Beautiful Palm trees


Now instead of being annoyed at the trees shedding, I’m proud of them. I want to learn from them. They encourage me to do the same with my life so I can stand beautiful and tall through life.

Every time I come home and see these trees, I think to myself:

What old crap should I be shedding today?