Problem Solving 101


“A problem well put, is already half solved. – John Dewey”


The clearer you state your problem, the clearer the solution.

Here’s a cool trick:

  • State your problem as a sentence.
  • Change that sentence into a question.
  • Restate the question 5-10 different ways.
  • Question the questions

I know, it sounds confusing! You might have a huge page of scribbled notes after doing this exercise…

But within the scribbles you’ll probably identify 3-4 small, clear, actionable steps you can take. You’ll understand how to attack your problem better. In your mind it’ll be already half solved.

Have a wicked day!
– Joel

*I found the above dot points on an old flash card I wrote years ago. I’m almost certain I didn’t create this process, but I can’t find the source to give them proper credit! 😬

Problem Solving 101

Photo by Volodymyr Hryshchenko