Quickest way to happiness –> GIVE

One of the quickest ways to GET happiness, is to GIVE happiness.

This morning as you’re starting your day, plan a few quick things that will bring happiness to others. Then after those are done, try doing even more 🙂

  • Chores around the house, so your loved ones don’t have to.
  • Leave love notes or encouragement letters for people.
  • Write someone a recommendation on LinkedIn, or leave good feedback reviews that will mean a lot to business owners.
  • Give some of your stuff away. Stuff you love but others will love more.
  • Make your dog a hand cooked meal.
  • Compliments (small + genuine) go a long way. Never underestimate a good compliment! 🙂

Happy Sunday guys!


Photo up top from my in front of my house. Kids chalk drawings make me happy!

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