Remember the “why”?


I know a guy who is a multi-millionaire. He has the freedom to do whatever he wants in life. Yet, he gets extremely happy on days the stock market goes up, and really depressed when the stock market goes down.

I thought the point of having lot of money is so that you don’t have to stress about it anymore…?

I know a girl who finally landed her perfect dream job. Yet, she complains constantly about all the tiny stuff that goes wrong, instead of being happy about the bajillion things that go right.

I thought the point of getting a dream job was so you could practice your passion all day long, and share it with others in the world…?

Perhaps these people can’t remember their “why”. (And if I’m being honest, I see a little of myself in these stories) We all get this way from time to time.

To do today: 

– remember your values
– remind yourself what’s really important in life
– appreciate what you have
– look for the good today, not the bad
– have FUN

Cheers to a great day ahead!
– Joel


*Photo up top by Evan Dennis

2 thoughts on “Remember the “why”?

  • Hi Joel,

    Well said. One can choose to be happy or sad everyday. It makes sense to be happy everyday. Focus on the positive things and this makes life more interesting and attractive for one.


    • Cheers WTK. Yep, happiness is a choice! I’ll admit, it took me a while to realize this. But when I did I made the choice to be happy every day. It’s made an amazing positive difference in my life!

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