Run from it or learn from it

I have an uncomfortable phone call to make this week.

It’s gonna be long, awkward, and I’m squirming right now just thinking about it.

Naturally, my brain is thinking of ways to avoid this call.

  • I could cancel it.
  • I could push it to next week.
  • I could make someone else do it.
  • I could take the call, then fake an excuse somehow to cut it short…

BUT, I also know in the back of my head that running away from uncomfortable conversations doesn’t help progress my character.

In fact, the more uncomfortable situations I go through in life, the more I learn.

So, I’m gonna take this call. I’m gonna sit in the messy middle and experience the discomfort. And I’m going to emerge on the other side a stronger and more experienced person.

Next time you come across something awkward you don’t really want to do, think to yourself…

Are you going to run from it? Or learn from it?

Happy Tuesday dudes!
– Joel


PS. It happened again 🙂