Saying NO list

I’m trying to get better about saying “No” to things…

Specifically, things that distract me from my goals, make my plate too full, or waste my time.

So, I made a “Saying NO to list”.

Every time I say No to something, I add it to my list! I’m trying to get to 100 things before the end of the year.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve said no to:

– 6 book recommendations
– 3 x podcast interview requests
– volunteering a last minute double-shift (didn’t have time)
– A new business partnership (good idea, but didn’t fit my goals)
– 2 real estate investment opportunities
– A trip that’s not high on my travel list
– a ton of little distractions here and there.

I used to feel bad about saying No to things, especially new opportunities. (In fact, one of my life philosophies is trying to say Yes more to new and scary experiences!)

But, what I’ve found is sometimes turning down new work is the best way to remain focussed on my full plate of goals and higher priorities.

Do you have a full plate currently? Want to start your own Saying NO list? It’s kind of fun.

Begin by getting a notepad and writing these reminders at the top:

Saying No means:

– not now
– thank you for the honor! But, no thanks.
– I don’t have time right now
– Thanks, but that is not one of my current goals
– It’s not a good fit for me, but my friend xyz might be able to help you!

Hope this helps. Have a great day 🙂
– Joel

*Pic up top by Kai Pilger