Spring Cleaning To Do list

Today is the Spring Equinox!

This means the sun will shine directly across the equator today, and we’ll have equal daylight and darkness time no matter where you live. Crazy!

To welcome this change and celebrate today, here is your Spring Cleaning To Do list:

  • Clean your house (vacuum)
  • Clean your mind (meditate)
  • Clean your conscience (forgive/confess)
  • Clean your soul (take a walk outside and do some sun salutations on the front lawn?)
  • Clean your inbox (just press CTL+A and then press delete!)
  • Clean your car (or pay someone to do it for you)
  • Clean out your beer fridge (drink everything inside of it)
  • Clean your body (take a long bath instead of a shower)
  • Clean your face masks (seriously, when’s the last time you washed those things!?)
  • Just clean everything!

Have a lovely first day of spring!!