Sticks and stones

Yesterday I received a hate email. 😞 It was the first email I opened when I woke up. A horrible start to the day.

At first I was sad. But after a few minutes, I got to thinking…

I only have 1440 minutes to live today. The more minutes I spend dwelling on this negative message, the less minutes I can spend enjoying the hundreds of positive messages I receive.

I deleted the email and moved on. Life is too short. If I’m going to re-read and put much thought into an email, it’s going to be a positive one!

Wishing you a happy day, focussing on the good stuff!

This delicious Hazy IPA was a gift from some good friends! During a limited-drinking challenge, beer selection is crucial!

2 thoughts on “Sticks and stones

  • What in the? Hate mail? To 5am Joel? Your daily posts are extremely positive and are quite helpful to me….and I suspect many others. You’ve even responded to a couple of my emails when I had rough days. Not sure how someone can come up with unfavorable responses for your daily emails. You did the right thing by deleting and getting on with it. Keep up the good work!

    • I think some people wake up and are looking for a reason to be angry. If they keep looking and looking, they eventually find one, whether it’s rational or not. (btw – it was a response to my money blog, not this 5amjoel emails 🙂 – I rarely get negative feedback from these positive emails).

      Thanks for your comments and replies to emails. That’s the best part of my day. Cheers, Joel.

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