Let’s play a game… Can you predict the stock market?

This is a simulation game to test whether you can predict the timing of the stock market…

Try it: Market Timing Game

All you do is click the [Start/Pause] button, and the graph will start moving. Then, use the [SELL] and [BUY] buttons to move your money in and out of the stock market.

Goal is obviously to SELL when stocks are high and BUY when stocks are low.

Your investment results will be compared against the general market results. Here’s a screenshot:

stock market game

Play it a few times. Tell me if you can beat the market!

If you’re like me:

1) Most (if not all) times you end up with less money than the market. You should have just kept your money invested the whole time.
2) You realize after a while that the less you click buy/sell, the better your results. The more transactions, the more likely you are to lose.
3) You feel humbled. You are not as lucky as you thought you were.
4) You are probably thinking of a few friends who make irrational and impulsive investments in real life and want to send this game to them to teach them a lesson! (share buttons are below)

Have a think about this game before you BUY or SELL any stocks in real life. It might just save you from making mistakes!


“Stay the course! An investment plan established during calmer times should not be abandoned in the midst of a market downturn.” – Tim Buckley, CEO of Vanguard in his public message yesterday regarding the coronavirus.


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