Summer is just beginning!

Happy Sunday! ☀️… and….

Happy 1st of the month!!! It’s time to celebrate!

July was awesome, here are some cool things that happened last month…

– My wife got her wedding rings professionally cleaned. (didn’t cost much, but still considered a splurge for us). Anyway, now they are all sparkly and new to look at 🙂 💍

– My little brother asked me to be a groomsman in his wedding next year! Woohoo, I love weddings! 🤵‍♂️

– We drove almost 5000 miles last month! Road trips, camping, visiting friends/family! 🚗

– We celebrated our anniversary, and many friends birthdays. 🎂

– We received the first dividend check for an investment we made back in March. It was $875, and we can expect that same payment every 3 months for the next ~7 years. Cheers to passive income! 🤑

– And many more tiny little things 🙂


Not sure what you’re up to this weekend, but try and set aside some time to celebrate your past, your plans, and your progress!

Life is good. Celebrate every day.
– Joel

My infamous creation called “Sloppy Joels”. It’s just 2 pieces of toast (or burger bun in a pinch), 2 slices of cheese, topped with pasta meat sauce. Eat with a knife and fork.

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