The celebrations continue!

Happy Friday!!!

If you liked my Dad’s celebration story yesterday, here are some other things to brighten up your morning…

These are wins from you guys, and I changed some of the names for anonymity (and, just for fun 😝)

Have a great day celebrating, y’all!
– Joel


From Nate Dogg: “1. The wife and I just got our first vaccine shot last Saturday! 2. We made the decision yesterday to enroll our kids in childcare starting mid-May so wife can resume her professional organizing work! She’s been out of work since mid-March last year because of the pandemic!”

Garret: “I finally took a leap of faith and started my own aerial photography business to run on the side as a passion project. Not sure how its gonna go but hoping for the best!

Fedora says: “The bid for our complete relandscape of both sides of the front yard, including a new sprinkler system for the entire yard as well as a new fully installed lighting system, came in $5000 less than the original estimate due to a few simple changes we made. We had to completely remove the entire landscape due to high fire danger, and have been living with bare dirt for nearly a year, so we’re so pleased to not only finally have the contractor get started, but have the bill be less than we budgeted. WIN 🎉!”

From Stanton: “I officially started my new role this week managing a customer success team at our org- exciting stuff- looking forward to leading/serving in this way.”

Randolph and Rudy: “We had a baby girl this week”

Josephine: “My husband and I will be having a quiet celebration for our 50th Anniversary, on April 17th. Due to the pandemic, we cannot mix with others and are on another shutdown. Maybe, we’ll have a Zoom celebration with family.”

Dr Ulysses Prescott: “I’m celebrating my 11th wedding anniversary this weekend and a switch in my job that brings me a lot of joy and the feeling of making a difference in my community. Have a great weekend!”

Novella Winston: “My small win is finally setting a date to leave my toxic job. It’s certainly a scary thing – leaving a job without having something else lined up – but we’ve worked hard at being financially secure enough to do so, and my mental health needs a reset before jumping into something else.”

Beatrice: “My latest celebration (to come soon) is my two year anniversary with my job which means I’ll be “more qualified” to start looking for some higher pay and go remote (with a different employer out there somewhere)!”

Rebecca: “The most wonderful thing I am celebrating right now is my husband and I just bought 10plus acres in the country. I have always wanted my own woods and now we have woods and a creek. It has an unfinished cabin that we plan to finish. Dreams do come true and I can’t wait to hear about all the others from your friends!”

Ms. Rosetta Stone: “My big win? Reconciled the 3/31 payroll for 650 people to cash…to the penny!”

K Bones: “I don’t necessarily have something “exciting” to celebrate but I did finally put up boundaries with my family and they have chosen to be nasty and it’s given me the relief that I don’t need the negative energy in my life and to celebrate the friends and other family I have in my life. Side note. The wife got a raise at the shop she has been working at. Super proud of her. She shows up every day to be better and it’s amazing to see.”

Dr. Jones: “Good news from Indiana…hubby and I are both fully vaccinated. Enjoyed Easter with part of the family and enjoyed it immensely. Working on being debt free very soon, both have secure jobs, new Grand baby due in June and enjoying life”

Melvin: “I’m leaving my company I’ve been at for 11.5 years and have accepted an offer at a new company with a 47% raise in total comp.”

And congrats on the many more emails from peeps telling me they got vaccinated!

Happy Friday!