“it” is just a point in the process.

Ever met someone and thought, they’ve got ‘it’?

They’re so good at what they do, it’s like they were born with talent, or gifted an amazing skill that others don’t have… Seems unfair sometimes!

But, while it might seem like they’ve always been good, you‘re probably only meeting who they are today. A whole lot could have happened earlier in life before “it” came along for them.

  • Talent is usually earned after long and hard training.
  • Knowledge is gained through years of intense studying.
  • Success in business typically comes after multiple and embarrassing failures.
  • Massive wealth comes from decades of discipline.
  • Michael Jordan is a winner because he worked harder than any other person in the whole game.

There’s a long, hard, exhausting process to get to “it”. And everyone’s at different stages of the process.

Keep this in mind next time you meet a superhuman. There’s probably a long and awesome backstory 🙂

Happy Tuesday peeps!
– Joel


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