Waiting for perfect conditions

There once was a boy who wanted to go surfing.

So he got up super early one day and checked the surf report…

The surf report looked decent, but he was worried about being cold. So he logged into the weather forecast…

The weather looked great, but then he was concerned about high winds. So he studied a few wind and tide charts too.

Then the boy thought he should probably wait a few hours… you know, just in case there was traffic and crowds and stuff to deal with. So he waited. Then he checked all the reports again.

And he repeated this process, all day, and by the time the sun went down he realized he had spent the entire day in front of the computer and 0 minutes surfing.

(this story may or may not be based on real experiences of what I do sometimes)


Anyway, just a reminder: Whatever you want to do today, this week, or in your lifetime… Just start doing it.

The conditions are already perfect, even if they’re not.

Happy Monday!!
– Joel

Sunset last night in North Malibu!