When in doubt, zoom out. 👀

There’s a common phrase we use in the personal finance community…

“Zoom out”

We use this when people stress about a “crash” in the stock market or losing money in a few bad trading days… It can feel like the whole world is ending!

But if they just “zoom out” a little, they realize that every dip has a rebound. Every slump has a heroic comeback.

For example, the above red circle is the 2008 global financial crisis. It was devastating to anyone investing at the time. But when we “zoom out” it looks like a tiny bump on the radar.


Anyway, I’m bringing this up because people might need to hear this phrase in other areas of life… Zoom out.

  • If someone has 1 hard day at work, they suddenly question their entire career track.
  • When someone feels sick for a few days, they complain as if their whole life is ending.
  • If you miss 1 or 2 job opportunities, you might think nobody ever wants to hire you, ever again.

But if people would just zoom out… they’ll realize that over the span of 27,275 days that they’ll live in life, having 3 bad ones in a row isn’t that bad.

Today: Don’t stress over life’s little speed bumps. Zoom out and remember your journey is a multi-decade stretch of awesomeness.

– Joel

Speaking of zooming out… this pic came from Kelley: “This is Mt. St. Helens through the clouds from a flight between Denver to Seattle last week”