BE – DO – HAVE paradigm

Most people think…

“If only I HAVE more things, then I could DO more stuff, and then I would BE who I want to be.”

have –> do –> be

The problem with this thinking is that the “BE” part is solely dependent on the things you HAVE and DO. This way of thinking is backwards!

Instead, put the BE part first. Focus on who you want to BE, and live and think like that person as much as possible… If you do this, the DO’s and HAVE’s will just come naturally. It should be in this order…

be –> do –> have

Focus on the BE. Be happy, be joyful, be centered, be calm, be kind, be generous, be forgiving, etc… Do this and you’ll always have a full life 🙂

Cool article here if you want to keep reading about this stuff.

Have a great day!
– Joel

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