Work on your inners.

“Your outer world… is a reflection of your inner world”

You can’t control the things that happen around you. But you can shape your own reality and control how you view things.

It starts with working on your inside world. The tiniest inner progress can dampen the chaos around you. Like…

– Doing 10 pushups makes you feel fitter all day. You’re suddenly less lazy and feel more capable doing your daily tasks. Same as going for a 5 min power walk in the morning.

– Tidying your work area (or even just making your bed in the morning) makes you feel more incontrol of your time. Less stress, more productive. 

– Eating a heathy meal makes you feel more alert and you notice more opportunities during the day.

– Turning your phone off for 1 hour will calm your life down. It gets your priorities in perspective.

– Reading less news feeds allows your brain to think more independently. You’ll be more capable of handling changes and challenges thrown at you.

These are all very small activities. But they have massive ripple effects.

Try working on your inners today! Calming yourself down —> will calm your whole world down.

– Joel