Count your blessings!


Seriously, count them. Write a few down, then email them to yourself. Repeat this weekly.


Can’t think of any? Start with these:

– You are healthy
– You have a roof over your head
– You have friends and family that care about you
– You are smart and can solve problems
– You are naturally talented at ________.
– You have many toys and fine things in life. Your favorite one is ________.
– You learned to ________ recently.
– You helped someone with _______.

You’ll be amazed at what this exercise does to your overall happiness. Plus, you can always go back later in life and read your own list whenever you need a cheer up.

Have an awesome day!
– Joel

Video call with my family this weekend! Boxes left –> right:  My sister and husband in Australia, wife and me, older bro/wife/baby in Boston, parents in Australia, younger bro and girlfriend in San Diego!