Create your own “luck”

About 4 months ago, I met a guy while surfing.

It was a calm day, we were both just sitting there on our boards – so I smiled, said hello, and struck up a random conversation.

Well, just last week he sent me an email… he wanted to learn about the FIRE movement, and get some feedback on a financial app he’s building…

He asked for a phone call, and offered to pay me $150 for a 30 minutes of my time. Whoa! 😳

I’m not trying to brag… It seems strange money opportunities like this fall in my lap pretty often. Why?

Talking with a friend about this, she said it’s because “You are just so lucky!.. And I am not.”

While yes, I do agree that I’m lucky, I also believe that everybody creates their own luck…

– The way to meet more strangers and get work opportunities —> is to smile at everyone, everywhere you go. Start up cold conversations, and ask dumb questions.🙋‍♂️

– The way to find free stuff in the streets and money on the ground —> is to look for them everywhere you go. 👀

– If you want more people to help you get ahead in life —> simply bust your balls trying to help others get ahead and succeed. 😇

The more proactive you are, the more “luck” lands in your lap.

Happy Friday! Have a good one!

Sunrise in Adelaide, Australia this week!