This weekends good vibe forecast…

Good morning everyone this is 5am Joel with your good vibes forecast for the weekend…

Today we’re expecting mostly happiness with a chance of awesome. There’s a 90% probability of delicious coffee this morning, bringing some energetic feelings and a wave of optimism.

Around midday we expect some inner peace to roll in, shedding all negative energy and stress from the week. Beverages are likely to flow shortly afterwards, bringing joy, delight and cheerfulness.

Good vibes will continue through Sunday, with a bit of added gratitude and appreciation. Keep an eye out for the Sunday scaries, they’ll sneak up on you, but you’ve got unwavering positivity as your secret weapon so you’ll be just fine.

That’s it for now, thanks for tuning in and have a lovely weekend folks. 😎


When Coops was growing up I took a pic every few weeks like this. Soon he was too big to fit on my lap anymore 🙂