Designing your life – straight line or circle?

Yesterday I pulled up my 5 year plan.

I only wrote it 1 year ago, and it is completely obsolete. So much has changed in the last year, I need to adjust things!

The same happened 2 years ago. I wrote a 5 year plan with awesome life goals, and had to make changes after only a short time had past.

Same thing happened the year before that.

Am I bad at planning? Am I failing at “designing my life”?

No. (Well, I don’t think so🤔)

A friend of mine recently said to me something interesting… He said that Lifestyle design is a constant process, like a circle. It’s never a straight line.

This got me thinking… For most of my past plans, I thought of them like a map I had to follow. With small contingencies and limited wiggle room.

Instead I should be thinking about constant adjustments. It’s OK that things change, because I change as a person constantly. (And in some years very rapidly)

Adjustments are part of the design process – a process that will never end. This is a good thing – not a bad thing. I can design my life however I want, even if it means refreshing my 5 year plan every day.

Wishing you all a happy and good morning!
Cheers! Joel 🙂

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