Perceptions –> Beliefs –> REALITY

The interesting thing is that our subconscious “listens” to our conscious self and will start to absorb what we tell it! We have to be careful about what you say and think.

When you say you “Can’t” workout today when you should be saying you “won’t” workout today, you are telling your subconscious that you aren’t capable of working out. Next time it will be slightly harder to find motivation to work out!

When you say you “Need” a bag of chips, when what you mean is you “want” a bag of chips…. Whether you eat the chips or not, your subconscious starts to believe that your survival is linked to eating chips!

In this way, you develop perceptions that ultimately define reality for you. These perceptions solidify into beliefs over time.

Perceptions are easy to change. Beliefs not so much.

Good news!… You can use this understanding of how your brain works to your advantage. Tell yourself every day, out loud, the things you want to believe about your life.

Here are mine:

  • “I am happy and today is a great day” – Choosing to be happy
  • “I will celebrate my failures” – Find the silver lining and continue to grow
  • “I’m a power athlete” – great for motivation for workouts (I’m training for a 21 min 5k to beat my high school best!)
  • “The universe has my back and is working for me in positive ways” – I grabbed this one from the book Game Changers. Great read.


This was sent to me by my friend “K Money”. He’s a really positive dude, achieving big things in life. I’m gonna steal these morning affirmations he uses! 🙂

Have a great day y’all,
– Joel

Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash