Stayin’ Positive and Happy!

Last week someone called me “naive” for being happy and positive all the time. 😔

Whilst I can see how it comes across that way (and I definitely am naive about a lot of stuff) that’s not the reason I’m so positive.

Being happy and positive is NOT:

  • Ignoring your problems
  • Pretending world issues don’t exist
  • not getting involved or helping people
  • staying in your comfort zone

Being happy and positive is about:

  • Looking at different perspectives (there’s always a bright side!)
  • Getting your job done despite the bad stuff happening to you
  • Controlling your response to tough situations
  • Having hope and focusing on a good outcome
  • Thinking long term
  • Not complaining or blaming (even when things are unfair)
  • Finding humor in everything! Even when someone calls you naive 😂

Have an awesome day, friends! Stay positive!
– Joel


Sunrise during my morning walk yesterday. Wow!

4 thoughts on “Stayin’ Positive and Happy!

  • I don’t think it’s about being naïve. It’s about mindset. There’s always some reason to be optimistic. Virus got you down? I think there’s going to be a vaccine in a matter of months. And better treatments before end-of-year. I think I read death rates are falling even while cases increasing. I know there are a lot of people out of work. But my company still struggles to find enough workers. There are some minor health issues in my family. I have commented that I believe we are headed into a “golden age” of medicine and some of my family’s problems will be cured in 10years time. I think (some forms) of cancer will be cured within my lifetime. Staying optimistic. Naïve? I doubt it.

    Of course there are a lot of problems out there. But I’m not sitting around complaining. I’m going to work on something. For me personally, that something is likely to build wealth for me and my family. I don’t have much time for volunteering at this phase but what I can do is donate funds to non-profits that I see value in. I can make the world a better place by donating or building wealth that keeps a future generation from struggling. Is that naïve?

    We went on vacation recently. Spent a bunch of money that helps the economy and all the workers there. But we were careful, wore masks, distanced, etc. Is that naïve?

    Stock market is down the last couple days. I see some opportunities to buy more stocks at a lower price Is that naïve? (Hint: My net worth hit an all time high in the last couple weeks. So I don’t think I’m being naïve.)

    Sorry for the rant. But the word “naïve” jumped out at me. For me, I have worked way too many hours this week and still have to make it through Friday. But my company results are ok. My job is ok. I actually think there is a reasonable risk of my job being eliminated in about 12 months. I’m doing some planning to figure out in advance how to adapt. Is that naïve?

    Bottom line: There are problems out there and yet there are a hundred reasons to be positive and optimistic. I’ll be working this Friday and over the weekend on various things for my company and my family to plan and execute on things that will make a better future for me, my family, my work associates and overall society. I’ll see you out there.

    • Rant approved!

      This is exactly what I’m talking about! Thanks JR. Staying positive through hard work and long term thinking. Cheers to all of this. 🍺

  • I’m a little less ranty today. 🙂 But thought I’d share a small example. Weather is nice here today so think we’re going to make a family trip up to the zoo. We’ve actually got a really good zoo here. They are limiting occupancy and have to wear masks but that sounds fine. It’s time to renew our membership so we’ll do that as well. I don’t know how much it costs, my wife takes care of it but I think it’s like $200 or something for the year.

    For that membership fee, we’ll help support the zoo and all the workers there. Our zoo also does a lot of work globally on wildlife and habitat conservation. It’s also a botanical garden and they do research for monarch butterfly migrations and bee populations. That’s not just a wildlife issue. As pollinators and bee populations struggle it has effects on farming and crops (and other things I don’t understand). And locally, the zoo does community outreach for activities and camps for urban kids who need the help.

    On top of the membership to help the zoo, we’ll also spend some money at the beer garden. They put in a real nice beer garden last year so I’m looking forward to a local craft brew later today. So that will again help workers at the zoo and support our local breweries. And finally maybe we’ll stop for dinner on the way home.

    Bottom line, planning to have a great day with the family. I get it, it’s only a small impact we’ll have today. But we’ll help the zoo, the workers, kids via the zoo’s community outreach and global conservation efforts. All by spending a bit of money in a good positive environment. And there’s beer. Don’t forget the beer.

    Staying positive, my friends.

    • I love your rants! Totally fine whatever your comments are JR. (Although I definitely prefer ones that include beer :))

      Sounds like you have an awesome day planned. And yes – thinking of the bigger picture and the ripple effect that your good day has is so cool! You’re right, it reaches so many people and their families. Great way to look at it!

      Have a good one, sir!

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