Fun feedback stories…

Good morning!

A few cool stories…

– There’s a girl on this list who responds to every single email and tells me what time she gets up each morning. It’s how she holds herself accountable for getting up early.

– A guy on this email list replies back sometimes and rates my messages on a scale between A+ to D-. This rating depends on how well the message resonated with him that morning. I’ve only gotten a few A+ ratings, and when I do it makes my day!

– There’s a lady on this list in her late 60’s, and every reply she sends me begins with “My sweet Joel…” and ends with “Love, your favorite kindergarten teacher, Murph”. Murph taught kindergarten in Connecticut for 35 years and always has something encouraging to say.

– Almost every day I get a reply from someone I’ve never heard from before. It blows my mind some of the kind and cheery things that random people share with me. I reply to every email personally and some strong friendships have formed out of nowhere.

Interacting with you guys one of the things I look forward to every single morning. It keeps me happy, holds me accountable, and reminds me that love is everywhere.

Just want to say thank you, and wish you all a great weekend!

Love, Joel

*Photo by Adam Jang on Unsplash

4 thoughts on “Fun feedback stories…

  • Joel, I also read your comments everyday. I think you are an old soul and wise beyond your age

    • Thanks Yvonne! Funny you should say that – I putter around my house 90% of the day just mumbling to myself and yell at the speeding cars on my street. I feel like a 65 year old man trapped in a 35 year old’s body. haha!

  • I don’t respond all that often. But I read the daily emails every day. You’re doing good work here and improving peoples’ days. Thanks for what you’re doing and keep it up.

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