I wish I was “normal”

Sometimes when I’m tired and frustrated with life, this thought pops into my head…

“Why can’t I just be normal, like everyone else.”

But then I quickly come to my senses and remember these 3 things:

1) Being normal is overrated. Whenever I try to be like others, it only makes me feel crap.

2) Nobody is actually ‘normal’. Everyone has a unique twist that makes them different. This difference isn’t a weakness – it’s an advantage! I need to be grateful for my advantages, not wish them away.

3) I’m headed in the right direction for ME. Doesn’t matter what other people’s paths are, I have to follow mine or else I’m ripping myself off in life.

Not sure if you ever feel this way – the desire to be normal. But keep reminding yourself… YOU are great the way you are. The world needs your uniqueness.

Happy hump day 😉
– Joel

Ducks in a pond. They all look the same, but each sets off their own ripples.