Monday mindset challenge

Here’s a quick mindset flip to try today…

Whenever you get the feeling of, “I don’t really feel like doing this”…

Flip it into a question… “How can I have some FUN while doing this?!”

Negative thinking —> suddenly becomes positive thinking!

For example…

Today is Monday and I have to do some writing for my job. This means probably 4-5 hours in front of a computer screen, which I don’t really feel like doing today to be honest!

But, if I ask myself the question, “How can I have some FUN while doing this?”… a few things come to mind!

  • I could go for a long walk and dictate words into my iphone.
  • I could drive to a new coffee shop, pub, or nearby park to write.
  • I could sneak some funny (and lame) jokes into my writing, making it more fun.
  • I could set hourly milestones *with treats* to motivate me and keep me on track.
  • I could write in the nude! (in a private room, of course 😉)

Anyway, give it a try today. Have some FUN!

Happy Monday,
– Joel

Water lilies over a pond in Yellowstone. We live in a beautiful world!