10 x Favorite Monday Messages

Motivation Monday

Mondays were the worst.

Until I made a change…

I started writing myself positive messages every morning, forcing myself to have a positive attitude, encouraging myself to change, and motivating myself.

Slowly but surely, things improved! Mondays are great for me now.

It’s been nearly 3 years of morning emails, and 152 of them have been Mondays. Here’s a list of 10 favorite Monday Motivation emails for you:

6/18/18 – Mondays don’t suck

2/4/19 – Motivation vs. Discipline

5/13/19 – STAND OUT on Mondays

5/20/19 – Monday Rule #1

6/17/19 – The Mondays Go-getters

7/15/19 – Be different on Mondays

7/29/19 – 3 x Monday Monkeys

8/19/19 – Mindset: 20 Mondays left!

10/7/19 – Don’t be a leaf blower!

11/4/19 – Monday is on your side


Get out there and KILL IT!!


*Surf pic by Marvin Meyer