The biggest thing I learn traveling…

As awesome as it is to see new places, meet new people, and try new foods…

My biggest takeaway from traveling is appreciation for everything I have back home.

Today Iā€™m flying back to the people I love, the home I built, and the lifestyle I enjoy. “There is no place like home.” šŸ‘ šŸ‘ 

Today: Appreciate the people and stuff around you. You spent years creating your home – enjoy every second of it.

Have a great weekend!
– Joel

ps. here are some trip photos for those interested. šŸ™‚



We ate breakfast like this every day. For only a few dollars. Freaking amazing.

Templo De Santo Domingo. There are churches like this every few blocks, and they are all connected by underground tunnels (haunted tunnels) šŸ˜³

Hiking in the nature reserve just north of Oaxaca city

My hiking buddies!

Pool party with new friends! A local family catered the food and it was amazing.

Mezcal pineapple cocktail šŸ™‚ We tried probably 15 different types of mezcal here – there are hundreds to taste.

Sunset last night. The weather here has been in the 80’s all week, no rain, cool mornings and evenings – just the way we like it!

Have a great weekend!