Waking up and being happy

On a scale of 1 – 10, how happy are you when you wake up?

For me, the number changes day to day. I wish I could bounce out of bed happy at level 10 every day, but that’s not normal for me. Sometimes I wake up and my happiness level is like at 2. Don’t know why, it just is what is sometimes.

But, I’ve learned that the quicker I can boost my happiness, the better it is for me and everyone around me. Here are simple things I do to boost my happiness when I wake up grumpy:

Boosting my happiness…

– First, I think about doing something nice for my wife. Since I’m up before her, what little task or favor can I take care of so that she doesn’t have to? How can I surprise her with good news when she wakes up? If I can make her day just a tiny bit easier, this makes me happy.

– Next, I count a few of my blessings. Looking around at the things I have in life cheers me up instantly. I dwell on the things I do have, not the things I don’t have. This makes me happy!

– Then I think about my day. I make a list. I remind myself that I chose to live where I live, work where I work, and get up when I get up. I’m living a life that I custom designed – this makes me happy!

– I get outside. Walking, moving, and looking around with my head up improves my happiness.

– Text or email an old friend. Thinking of my friends (especially ones I haven’t seen in years) puts a smile on my face. Friends make me happy.

– I think about you guys on this email list. The ripples that I am creating in the world come back and surprise me in unexpected ways. Writing stuff down, even if it’s just 1-2 sentences, makes me feel better.

– I encourage myself, or give myself a pep talk. This might seem conceited, but self doubt gets the best of me sometimes and self-validation is the quickest way I know to level my confidence.

– I listen to my “liked songs” on Spotify. Music carries emotion, and triggers fun memories. Music cheers me up.

Happiness is contagious.

These tiny little activities are like fuel to my flame that grow and grow throughout the day. Sometimes it takes me 5 minutes to get cheery, and sometimes it takes a couple hours.

But the sooner I can boost my happiness (especially when I wake up at level 2) the better the day is.

Would love to hear what tricks you guys do to boost your happiness!?

Have a great day!
🌻 Joel


Here is a list of things to do at 5am in the morning. Most of these make me happy too!

There’s light at the end of the tunnel in Rocheport, MO! Thank you Denise for the photo 🙂