You can do it!

Good morning, nerds! Happy Friday!

A few of you reached out to me this week telling me that you‘re trying to get up earlier in the mornings. Good for you, congrats!

And, a few of you emailed back again and told me that you have already failed 😴. Thanks for your honesty, and it’s good to hear you will keep trying!

A couple thoughts: (and these can be applied to getting up early or really any challenge someone is facing)

1. There are others out there who are feeling the exact same hardship as you. You are not alone, change is hard.

2. He who has a “why” can handle any “how”. If your reason is genuine and you want it bad enough, any problem is figureoutable.

3. I’m proud of you. There’s nothing I like seeing more than people trying to better themselves. You growing stronger makes everyone stronger. So thank you.

Enjoy your Friday and get ready for a kickass weekend.
– Joel


*Pic credit to Lenny K