I am an idiot 🤷‍♂️

Sometimes I do really dumb things.

Like the other day, I got home from surfing and realized I had a big cut on my foot…

Since the cut was too big for a bandaid, I decided to superglue the skin back together.

Well, somehow I ended up supergluing my hand to the bottom of my foot. Then finally when I got my hand unstuck, I realized I had sealed the wound without cleaning it properly – and now I have tiny little rocks and dirt superglued into my heel.

Anyway, the reason I’m sharing the dumb things I do, is maybe it will make you feel better about the dumb things you do!

Next time you screw up at work, make a silly decision or forget something easy, just think about me… hopping around my house with my hand superglued to the bottom of my foot.

Have a great day! And stay positive!
– Joel

I am an idiot because of my haircut
Another dumb decision of mine… In the early 90’s, this was my haircut!

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