Baby steps –> in the right direction

I’ve made a commitment to continually improve myself and never stop learning and growing as a person.

But, sometimes this makes me feel really overwhelmed because there are so many things that I’m not good at. So much to do and so little time to do it all! Where do I begin?

I keep reminding myself that nothing is mastered overnight. Change takes time. Personal growth takes time.

So now I just try to take one tiny baby step in the right direction every day. Learn a new fact. Correct a mistake. Ask a good question. Work out for 10 mins. Read for 10 mins.

Small baby steps.

Even if nobody else notices my small improvements, I know that they are compounding and building a better me. Significant progress will be evident in the long run. I’m certain of this.

Have a great day everyone. Not sure what your baby step is today but don’t be discouraged! Enjoy it.
– Joel


*Pic credit to Abdelali Elwahdani